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Novis Golf Club Simulator – Chili


3240 Chili Ave, Rochester, NY 14624


(585) 690-1640

GO GOLF U.S. RATE: $45 - 2 Extra Plays

Restrictions: Reservations by appointment only. Please call (585) 690-1640 for reservations.


Rate you pay WITHOUT Go Golf U.S.
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About The Deal

Novi’s Golf Club and Simulator has been a part of our golf discount service since 2019. The offer they are giving our users is $45/ hour of simulator time compared to $50/hour. The restrictions are that reservations are by appointment only! Please call (585) 690-1640 for reservations. Save yourself $5/hour if you plan on hitting up the simulator and help cover the cost of the Rochester eBook for the year! New in 2021, they have added ANOTHER facility in Brockport! Check it out here!

About The Course

Come play at Novi’s Indoor Golf Simulator with GolfZon Vision Plus on Chili Ave! They are pleased to offer you the best possible golf simulator experience featuring the market-leading Golfzon Vision Plus platform. The simulator was rated 2018’s Best Golf Simulator (Luxury/Premium Category) by Golf Digest – the system continues to rack up accolades amongst PGA professionals across the globe. Golfzon Vision offers almost 200 hyper-realistic courses, including some of the most recognized courses in the world.