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Short Par 4 x Go Golf U.S.

Have you heard of Short Par 4

Short Par 4 (SP4) is a subscription based golf clothing/gear service. For just $45 per month, you receive a box (shipped right to your door step) of gear worth $100 based on your style choice, or as they call it “persona”. You have the option of 4 personas including loud and wild like Rickie Fowler, traditional  like Matt Kuchar,  athletic like Dustin Johnson or all styles like Phil Mickelson.
For those of you that have trouble staying on top of the latest golf styles and keeping your golf clothes up to date, this is the service for you. For $45 per month, you eliminate having to shop and have a nice treat to look forward to on the door step each month. The shipping is FREE and the contents of the box can include shirts, pants, shoes, gloves and MORE! Not only do you up your style points on the course, your boardroom and colleagues will take notice in your new get up!
Go Golf U.S. has decided to partner up with Short Par 4  as they have some of the same values as we do in regards to golf. We want you (the golfers) to get more for what you pay for and build the game of golf one piece at a time. To check out Short Par 4, click the button below or this link here and don’t forget to use coupon code GOLFCART10 at check out for your first box and save $10 off!
We currently use the service and want to bring those savings to you as well. Stay tuned for updates on our Youtube Channel as founder Alan Liwush will be doing a  Short Par 4 Review  each month showcasing all of the gear he got in the box AND giving it a rating 1 out of 10! The content will also be available on our Blog.