Novi’s Golf Club – Simulator

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GO GOLF U.S. RATE: $35/hour - 2 Extra Plays

Extra play cost - $1



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About The Deal

Novi’s Golf Club joined the Go Golf U.S. host of deals in 2020! They have a beautiful simulator system by Golfzon Vision Plus that offers a moving swing plate for different lies, auto-tee up and multiple hitting surfaces. Make it as real as you can with this set up! The offer they have with us allows our users to play at the simulators for $35/hour (Standard $40/hour) Monday-Saturday ANYTIME. You MUST call for a tee time and let the shop staff know you are with Go Golf U.S.! You can also reserve a tee time online at and then pay the discounted rate when you get there. Save yourself $5/hour if you plan on teeing it up indoors at Novi’s with Go Golf U.S.! (The price per hour remains the same whether 1 golfer or 4 golfers are reserving the simulator.)

About The Course

Novi’s Golf Club is located within an Agape Physical Therapy facility on Chili Ave. They’re pleased to offer the best possible golf simulator experience featuring the market-leading Golfzon Vision Plus platform. This simulator was rated 2018’s Best Golf Simulator (Luxury/Premium Category) by Golf Digest and the system continues to rack up accolades amongst PGA professionals across the globe. Golfzon Vision offers almost 200 hyper-realistic courses, including some of the most recognized courses in the world. Other services offered at Novi’s are golf lessons, TPI Performance, club fitting and Physical Therapy Services. Be sure to contact them for any of those needs as well.