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Go Golf U.S. was designed by PGA Professionals, For PGA Professionals

Go Golf U.S. is proud to announce a partnership has been formed with the Western New York PGA Section.  Go Golf U.S. will work in concert with the WNYPGA to market and sell unused starting times at WNYPGA Member Facilities FREE of charge. Unlike other “discount” platforms, Go Golf U.S. facilities receive 100% of the rate they charge Go Golf U.S. members. 

We’ve developed a way for you to monetize your PGA Membership!!! By signing up as a Go Golf U.S. PGA Ambassador, 25% of every purchase made with your “Referral Code” with be distributed to you on a monthly basis. Unlike other “discount” platforms which most players are “one and done”, Go Golf U.S. users are incentivized to play your facility again. As an ambassador for Go Golf U.S., 25% of all “Extra Play” revenue at your facility will be distributed to you on a monthly basis.

As a way to give back and help protect the future of the game, 10% of net sales will be donated to the WNYPGA Reach Foundation.  If every PGA Professional “Pitches In” a little, we’ll be giving back a lot.

Enroll by filling out two easy forms below. One is to sign up your course to get it hosted in the Go Golf U.S. app, on our website and to be a part of our complimentary marketing efforts. The second, is to get your referral code so you can get paid on those who sign up with your code and then continue to play at your course with “Extra Plays” from our app. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Scott Chambers, PGA of Webster Golf Club and Go Golf U.S. Co-founder at 585-802-4044

Sign Up Your Course

PGA Pro’s! Please use this form below to give us the required information to sign up your course. Like we said above, it’s FREE for you and your course.

Referral Code Sign Up

Please use this form below to sign up for your referral code so we can get you paid when people use your code! Again, no worries, its totally free for you to sign up!

That’s it! Thank you for signing up with Go Golf U.S.! We look forward to growing the game of golf locally with you!