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Go Golf U.S. was conceptualized by a golf course owner for golf course owners. As a PGA Member, Scott Chambers used his knowledge of the golf business, various coupons, and different discount mediums to design Go Golf U.S.

This intuitive mobile app eliminates the flaws associated with the traditional coupon book while maximizing the features of a smartphone. This allows Go Golf U.S. to communicate with our users 24/7, leading to increased exposure and revenue for your facility.

Official Partner of the WNY PGA

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With Go Golf U.S., golf courses choose their rates and receive 100% of that rate. Typical profit sharing models ask you to discount your rates by 50%. Of the remaining 50%, they take half, leaving you with around 25% of your standard rate. Stop giving YOUR profit to a MULTI-BILLION dollar company!


Allow Go Golf U.S. users to play during your off-peak times. Suggested restrictions are Monday-Friday Anytime, Weekends and Holidays after 12:00 P.M. (One hour prior to rate change to maximize perceived value).


After the redemption of a Go Golf U.S. coupon, users are incentivized by Go Golf U.S. to share they are playing your course. This is “Organic” sharing, leading to likes, shares, comments and social engagement about that user and your course. “Organic Sharing” turns each customer into a sales person for your facility, ultimately leading to more exposure, more play and therefore more revenue.


Have a tournament cancel? Have a wide open tee sheet? Did the weather man get you again? Email Go Golf U.S. that you want to run a reduced rate promotion for all users. On behalf of your course, Go Golf U.S. will alert all local users of your promotion to help fill your empty tee sheet.


Our target market is 18 to 35 years of age. As we all know, this demographic has diminished and its return is paramount to the future of the game. Today’s junior golfers are the future of our business, and Go Golf U.S. wants to ensure they will be playing in the future. In order to help this effort, Go Golf U.S. will donate a portion of sales to the PGA Section affiliated with that city. This donation will be used towards PGA Junior initiatives, helping to expose more juniors to the game.


As golf course owners/professionals, we utilize information to make the best decisions for our business. At the end of the season, Go Golf U.S. will provide you with course specific data. Including number of redemptions, revenue generated and ranking amongst your competition. Armed with this information, you can either keep your price the same or adjust. We want the course to get the most profit possible. If the data supports a price increase, we are all for it – Good luck finding a PROFIT SHARING model to say that!

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The Go Golf U.S. website ( and mobile app will serve as a hub or directory for your course and website. By having your website link on both our app and website, it will increase traffic to your site and benefit your Google rankings.


As we all know, customers who use a traditional coupon typically don’t return. Not with Go Golf U.S.! Go Golf U.S. users will be given the opportunity to replay your course by purchasing an extra play. Extra plays will be purchased in app and will reopen a new redeemable coupon to your course. When the customer returns to play your facility, simply redeem the Go Golf U.S. coupon and accept payment for the full Go Golf U.S. rate.


Go Golf U.S. is building a community of golfers. We are attracting individuals who love the game and respect it. Our users will be educated and suggested to invest in golf course amenities (Food & Beverage, Merchandise, ect). We want the savings on the round to go to a round of drinks after play to further increase your facilities revenue.


Please use this form below to give us the required information to sign up your course. Like we said above, it’s FREE for you and your course.

Click the HERE for full details on Go Golf U.S. Course Contract.