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Go Golf U.S. Course Contract

By clicking the checkbox to the “Agree to terms and conditions of Go Golf U.S. Course Contract” on the previous form, your course will agree to the details set below.?

This contract is made between Go Golf U.S., LLC (The Entity) and your course (The Club), and each parties mutually agree on the terms to this contract.?

  1. Agreement Term: The term of this agreement will start from the time the form is submitted and go through December 31st of that year. The agreement term shall be automatically renewed for additional successive terms of one year unless either party provides written notice of termination before December 31st of that calendar year.?
  2. The club agrees to honor the offer filled out on the form. Any deviation from the agreement may result in a grievance from the entity.
  3. This contract is to be held between the entity and the club and not shown to any third parties.?
  4. The club and entity understand that this agreement is transferred to the new party upon sale or purchase of the club.?
  5. The person agreeing to this contract on behalf of the club does hereby represent and have the authority to enter into this agreement on the club’s behalf.?
  6. Both parties agree that the entity may discontinue the sale and distribution of the offer at any time. Parties agreeing that the club shall incur no prejudice.?