May Short Par 4 Golf Box Review

May Short Par 4 Rating and Review – Box #4

Haven’t seen our Short Par 4 rating and review before? All good, let us break it down for you. We decided to commit to ONE year of the service with the “Athletic Persona” and do a rating and review of EVERY box that gets shipped to us each month in a video and blog post.

If you don’t know about the service, visit the site at this link or on our site at

Each month, we will do a 1 minute video clip of the SP4 box and then a longer, more detailed version talking about the products we received. Check them both out below! You can find the rating in the video or by reading the blog post below! Enjoy.

What’s In The Box?

Item #1 – Travis Mathew Polo- Retail $74.95

Product info and specs: The solid-color Travis Mathew Polo pairs well with jeans or slacks, making it great for on and off the course.

Crenshaw Polo: Heather Blue
  • Designed with Prestige77 enhanced strength fabric
  • TM script logo under back collar
  • Four button collar
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Quick Drying

See an image of the polo below. I am pretty excited about this golf shirt. Travis Mathew is a big name brand and it’s about time SP4 hit us with some good gear that they advertise all the time on social media. I do agree this will be a good shirt for on and off the course. Stoked about adding this polo to the arsenal!

Item #2 – Short Par 4 Players Towel – Retail $15.00

Product info and specs: The SP4 Players Towel will be your new favorite accessory on the course. Sturdy, non-abrasive microfiber fabric makes it easy to wipe clubs clean, and its waffle pattern design helps absorb 3x its weight.

  • Waffle-textured for superior absorption
  • Handle to hang over golf clubs
  • Non-abrasive microfiber
  • 14in x 36in
  • Lint free

I have been wanting to pick up a waffle texture towel for a while now so this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. After using one in the past, it was time to get rid of it and add a new one. These bad boys wipe clubs squeaky clean and hold water well to give a nice shine. Super excited about this golf towel.

short par 4 golf jacket
Item #3 – SP4 Nova Belt – Retail $20.00

Product info and specs: This classic and versatile belt is made of interwoven stretch fabric and finished with leather details. Its easy size adjusting makes it great for all occasions.

Nova Belt: Grey
  • Genuine leather and woven elastic fabric
  • Stretch fit for desired tightness
  • Silver toned metal buckle

This belt was just an added touch to the box. Not really my style for belts. I would return it, but not worth it to ship back. Ill keep it in the reserves for a day when I’m in a pinch and need a belt or designate it as we “work” belt.

golf shoe bag

The Rating

I was in a bit of a rush that day so preparation was small for this one. I forgot to leave a rating on the video and I record on the philosophy of “one and done” so if I forget something, it’s not making the final cut.

For a rating, I gave this box a 7 of 10. Great brand name apparel with the Travis Mathew polo. I also needed a new towel really bad so It was fitting. Stay tuned for the June box coming in a few weeks. I will try to get these out a bit quicker as it’s already June while I’m writing this…

If you like what you saw, head over to Short Par 4 at this link ( and sign up to get fresh golf gear sent to your doorstep every month!

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