January Short Par 4 Golf Box Review

short par 4 review

January Short Par 4 Rating and Review – Box #1

Last month we teamed up with Short Par 4 to bring some new cool gear to you guys. We decided to do a rating and review of EVERY box that gets shipped to us each month in a video and blog post. We committed to this for the year, so get ready! If you don’t know about the service, visit the site at this link http://bit.ly/shortpar4-gogolfus or on our site at https://gogolfus.com/short-par-4-golf-clothes/. For our selected persona, we went with the “Athletic” style as it fits who we are the best. You of course can pick your own and will receive different gear, but keep in mind ours is for “Athletic” persona.

What’s In The Box?

For those of you that like to read, here you go. I know most of you won’t make it passed play on the video…

Item #1 – Adidas Climalite Pants – Retail $80

I thankfully received the color Khaki which I needed, but its really up to the company and what they send you. I am a HUGE advocate of these pants. One, because they are super light material which makes them great for the course on a warm day and manageable to a cold. Like I said in the video, I am going to try and wear pants more while playing this year, so these will be perfect. And two, Adidas Golf Pants come with a “grippy” lining thats written in the brand name along the inner waist of the pants. I LOVE THIS feature and wish every brand did it. This is great for golf pants as the grip holds your shirts tucked in better than ones without this layer. Does it hold your shirt totally in? No, but it sure does help. (Pants shown below)
adidas golf pants

Item #2 – Chase 54 Base Layer – Retail $39.50

This Chase 54 “Base Layer” is nice to wear under a collar shirt in below average weather days. If you are from Rochester like we are, this shirt will get A LOT of use for our above average number of cold to chilly days. The color is grey which makes it good as I can wear it with pretty much anything. It is multi-faceted as I can use it in the gym as well on days I am looking to “sweat it out” a little bit. If you are unfamiliar with the brand Chase 54, they are Short Par 4‘s exclusive clothing. SP4 designed this brand to provide high quality, low price options to go along with more “well known” brands in the boxes they ship out. (shirt shown below)
long sleeve base layer shirt

The Rating

I am going to start of the rating for this box with a 6 out of 10. Only because I have no other boxes to put it up against. The clothing I received was nice and logical, but I wasn’t “WOW’ed”. In terms of price, you can’t beat it. I paid $45 for $129.50 worth of gear. Ill take it!
Stay tuned for next month’s SP4 Rating and Review video and blog. It will be coming soon as I got this one out a little late. If you don’t have our app yet, get ready for the golf season NOW and save on your first round of the year. Head over to the “Download” page and add it to your app list!

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