February Short Par 4 Golf Box Review

February Short Par 4 Rating and Review – Box #2

Haven’t seen our Short Par 4 rating and review before? All good, let us break it down for you. We decided to commit to a year of the service with the “Athletic Persona” and do a rating and review of EVERY box that gets shipped to us each month in a video and blog post.
If you don’t know about the service, visit the site at this link http://bit.ly/shortpar4-gogolfus or on our site at https://gogolfus.com/short-par-4-golf-clothes/. For our selected persona, we went with the “Athletic” style as it fits who we are the best. You of course can pick your own and will receive different gear.
New to this month and now moving forward, we will do a 1 minute video clip of the SP4 box and then a longer more detailed version talking about the products we received. Check them both out below! You can find the rating In the video or by reading the blog post below! enjoy.

What’s In The Box?

Readers, enjoy my detailed explanation below. All others, if you are still reading this passed the video links above, you have surprised me…
Item #1 – Puma Par Graphic Polo – Retail $70.
Nothing better than a FRESH Puma Golf shirt to add to my arsenal of golf apparel. I have a few other Puma golf shirts and LOVE them. The fit is great. No extra material and is snug in all the right places. This of course is good for my fit, but not all shapes and sizes. I have become a huge fan of Puma after good ole Rickie got picked up by them. The colors are unique, eclectic and surely stand out on the course. The first shirt in the box was Grey and Green. Since it’s more Grey, it can be paired nicely with multiple shorts/pants. If you watched the video above, you could tell I was jacked up about this shirt! (picture below). Super pumped about it and on to item #2
adidas golf pants

Item #2 – Puma Par Graphic Polo – Retail $70.

I said above, “Nothing better than a FRESH puma golf shirt”. I take back that statement and replace it with, “There is something better, it’s two fresh Puma Golf Shirts!” The second one is Grey and Red, which I love as a color on the course. (Pictured below is white and black, the shirt I received is like the grey and green above but replace the green with red). As you know, it is a powerfully intimidating color and also worn by our beloved Tiger on Sunday’s. Head to the next paragraph for my rating.
long sleeve base layer shirt

The Rating

This is now our second box and I have to say I am impressed compared to the first. Having a nice shock factor, I jumped in the video and gave it a 10 of 10. I still stand by that rating and LOVE this month’s gear. Retail price on the box would have been $140 for the two shirts, we got the for $45… Do the math, this service makes sense!
Stay tuned for next month’s Short Par 4 Rating and Review video and blog in March. It will be coming soon as we get it.
AS ALWAYS, If you don’t have our app yet, get ready for the golf season NOW and save on your first round of the year. Head over to the “Download” page and add it to mandatory golf apps!

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