Club Cameron 2017

Scotty Cameron 2017 kit

We’re officially “In” the club!

We’ve been wanting to join Scotty Cameron‘s Club Cameron for years now. Always being too late to the party and sold out were the main issues. With this year’s camo themed pack, we decided to “pull the trigger” if you will. We made sure we wouldn’t miss out by signing up for the email alert. Below is a quick video on what we got, followed by an in depth description of all of the products it came with.

What is Club Cameron?

For those that don’t know, Scotty Cameron created Club Cameron as a special membership platform that allowed users to buy in for  $99 to get a kit plus exclusive content for being a member. The kit changes every year, but has the same premise.
This years kit came equipped with: Scotty Cameron Member headcover, embroidered duffle bag, pivot tool,bag tag,  custom golf tees and a lapel pin You also receive exclusive content and advance purchase opportunities in the Studio Store! Check out the contents and descriptions below!

Scotty Cameron Member Headcover

The tactical camo headcover looks bad ass all around. It has a spot to hold tees on the top, a pin on the side and the pivot tool on the other. I kept it in the bag as I am unsure if I am going to keep this as a collectors item or put it in use. I have a Cameron & Crown edition putter coming so I may keep this out of the bag for now.

Camo Duffle Bag

All kinds of jacked up about this camo bag! I feel like I am going to war and all dialed in when I throw it on the shoulder. Really helps create a good mindset when getting ready for your round. This will definitely be put to use asap as my “club bag”. Can load it up with after round essentials like shower stuff, clean drawers, a few cigars and whatever else tickles your fancy to prepare yourself for a beautiful day at the course. Comes with a shoe pocket which is so clutch! Great brand name bag with Peter Millar. Couldn’t be more excited about this. It was actually one of the main reasons I bought into the membership.

Pivot Tool

This thing just looks mean. It’s heavy duty and ready to repair your GIR damage! Can honestly never have too many repair tools kicking around the bag. There is ALWAYS one guy in your foursome asking to borrow one. I wouldn’t be handing this one out as I am unsure you’d get it back…

Camo Bag Tag

Club Cameron refers to it as a “headcover leash”, but I am going to use it as a bag tag. As a matter of fact, it’s already on my bag next to my name plate! The purpose of the headcover leash is to connect to your headcover and then place the tag in your back pocket to keep secure to your body so you don’t lose it. That’s too much for me. Ill have it on my bag as a Scotty supporter and that’s enough for me. This was the one item I forgot to photograph myself as you can tell below…

Custom Tees

Not much to explain here. Some commemorative tees for joining the club. They look sick stocked in the top of the cover. I will not end up using these and keep them as a collectors item most likely. Nice touch and attention to detail in the kit though.

Lapel Pin

This bad boy looks like you became a general in the armed forces when put on. A cool commemorative piece for sure, but I’m not a pin guy. This will stay in the bag as a collector’s item. Hopefully I can get $5 for it from Chumlee on Pawnstars in 40 years when I think everything I held on to is worth something… Just kidding, this pin is sweat and makes you look like a highly decorated military commander. According to the video, it actually serves as a golve holder by pinning to the side of the putter cover. Pretty cool and unique if you ask me.
That’s all that comes in the Club Cameron 2017 membership kit. If you want to join, head over to the site at We are excited about the gear this year and look forward to using it on the course! 
As always, if you haven’t downloaded our app yet, links to both app stores are below. Be ready to play a TON of golf this year and keep some money in your pocket by playing with Go Golf U.S.!

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