April Short Par 4 Golf Box Review

April Short Par 4 Rating and Review – Box #4

Haven’t seen our Short Par 4 rating and review before? All good, let us break it down for you. We decided to commit to ONE year of the service with the “Athletic Persona” and do a rating and review of EVERY box that gets shipped to us each month in a video and blog post.

If you don’t know about the service, visit the site at this link http://bit.ly/shortpar4-gogolfus or on our site at https://gogolfus.com/short-par-4-golf-clothes/.

Each month, we will do a 1 minute video clip of the SP4 box and then a longer, more detailed version talking about the products we received. Check them both out below! You can find the rating in the video or by reading the blog post below! Enjoy.

Please take note of the Green Puma shirt I’m wearing in the feature image and video. That was delivered in the February SP4 box and can be seen in this blog post HERE! (Which was rated a 10 of 10!)

What’s In The Box?

Item #1 – Short Par 4 Whitfield Polo – Retail $45.00

Product info and specs: The Short Par 4 Whitfield Polo will be the most comfortable polo you put on all season. Designed with style and comfort to make your next round that much more enjoyable.

Whitfield Polo: Coral / Sky Blue trim

  • Quick Drying
  • Moisture Wicking
  • 4-Way Stretch
  • Low Shrinkage

See an image of the polo below. I have to agree with them when they say “the most comfortable polo you’ll put on this season”. Super soft and great material. The color was a little outlandish for my sty but I needed to mix a few “different” color shirts in.

whitefield golf polo
Item #2 – Striker Full Zip Jacket – Retail $45.00

Product info and specs: The full zip, stretch fabric Striker Jacket is perfect for early morning tee times and date night downtown. The best part? Your Striker Jacket matches next month’s best selling apparel item from Travis Mathew!

Striker Jacket: Black / Heather Grey Griffin trim

  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Zipper Secure Pockets
  • Stretch Fabric for Mobility

So, not sure if I would be rocking this for “date night downtown” unless I wanted my fiancé to snap show on me, but it is perfect for an early morning tee time. Nice stretchy material perfect for the swing! And I guess this means well be getting a hat by Travis Mathew next month as they gave us a little hint in the marketing materials… Be prepared to see me snap because I have the smallest head and no hats fit me.

short par 4 golf jacket
Item #3 – Shoe Bag – Retail $15.00

Product info and specs: This complimentary Short Par 4 Shoe Bag completes your shoe style from last month. COnsider it a small thank you for being a part of the SP4 community.

Short Par 4 Shoe bag: Black, Chartreuse (Neon Green), Red
  • Designed with style and durability
  • Double-stitched nylon handle
  • Full Zip opening
  • Mesh window
  • Shoes not included

I was all kinds of jacked up about the shoe bag this month. One because I am a practical guy and needed one. Two, well I’m a practical guy and needed one so I didn’t get dirt and mud all over the inside of my truck from my shoes. The weather here in Rochester, NY is not the best which means a lot of muddy rounds unfortunately so this is the perfect compliment to my golf gear.

golf shoe bag

The Rating

Decent box this month. If you watch the video, I gave it a 7 out of 10. Great retail to actual price seeing as the polo and jacket would be $45 each to buy individually and the the shoe bag $15. Pretty good if you ask me. A good variety of products and useful! I  was definitely happy about the bag and as I go back through these and watch my reaction it’s funny to see how excited I was about a shoe bag… Any who, Stay tuned for next month’s Short Par 4 Rating and Review video and blog in mid-May.

If you like what you saw, head over to Short Par 4 at this link (http://bit.ly/shortpar4-gogolfus) and sign up to get fresh golf gear sent to your doorstep every month!

AS ALWAYS, If you don’t have our app yet, get ready for the golf season NOW and save on your first round of the year. Head over to the “Download” page and add it to mandatory golf apps!

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